Co-owner of EVOLUTION, Corporate language and communication expertise, strategic guidance, action-based training.
Paris, France

I am an expert in international business, communication, languages and strategy, and the co-owner of EVOLUTION, an accredited training company based in Paris, France.

 Do connect with me at (+33 682 99 45 45) if you are an HR professional or Head of a company who needs their teams to improve their language and communication skills. At EVOLUTION, we enable our clients to gain confidence when working in markets worldwide, as they master the level of operational English, Spanish, Russian, German or Italian they need to perform- also French for professionals and their families coming to live in Paris from other countries. Our team of coaches and trainers achieve this through leading bespoke one-on-one and group training sessions, face to face and on the telephone, as well as through blended learning and specific workshops.

 In our work, we draw inspiration from "The Silent Way"​, a method that allows participants to take 100% of the responsibility and do 100% of the actions linked to their progress. Our clients are thus able to discover the freedom of evolving through their own experiences and find the confidence to become successful in achieving a position abroad, in making a powerful presentation, in securing a promotion.


Conférence : 3000