Damien Jacob
Consultant & professor in web strategies, e-Commerce and e-Business

Independent Expert, specializing in e-business, e-commerce, and e-marketing (Belgium, Luxembourg and France). 1) made-to-measure consultancy missions : • Expertise to (re) define your positioning on the Internet • Consultancy missions for launching / repositioning a business selling online (Certified Consultant "RENTIC" by the Walloon Region since 2003) • Assistance in the selection of suppliers (web agencies, SEO agencies, hosting, payment providers, logistics, ...) and solutions (software, online sales platforms, ERP, CRM, ...) Eg: Kewlox, Les Tartes de Françoise, Aromazen, Alias Consult, TMD, C-Group, MMOV, Efarmz, Nice People, Fotocom,... 2) Academic services (HEC - Management School - University of Liège, The Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège, EPHEC-Brussels, The Higher Education Private School "ECS-Brussels", University of Strasbourg) 3) Coaching and training services for professionals (IFAPME, House of Training CC Luxembourg, TechnofuturTIC, Technifutur, CEPEGRA, AEI, IMPULSE Brussels...)


Conférence : 2300