Kristy Anamoutou
Chief People Officer đź’™"developing value with people and for people" đź’™ at bluenove
Paris, France

"The leadership and performance of tomorrow are based on the ability and capacity to activate the collective intelligence of your ecosystems." My mission is to support teams & individuals to reach their optimum level of leadership. " a simple rule in a complex world can outperform a complex rule in an artificially simplified world" Gerd Gigerenzer Enthusiastic about innovation and open-organization principles, I advocate that traditional practices about leadership are challenged by the digital transformation of our ecosystems. From the outside-in, corporations need to deal differently with empowered communities or intrapreneurs, also known as rebels at work / corporate hackers. Legacy companies feel the urge to upgrade their culture if they want to survive and thrive. From crowd-sourcing to agile methods, ways of working are constantly being reshuffled around three core elements: transparency, participation, and communities. From the inside-out, corporate leaders need to engage with startups, labs, artists... They need to work on creative and collective presence in order to make an impact by demonstrating conscious leadership. To achieve these goals, I believe in developing listening skills, experimentation opportunities, and iteration frameworks. The leadership of tomorrow is not defined yet, let's shape it together...


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