Magali Anderson
Pioneer female engineer in O&G, 4 continents in 30 years in P&L, function & Executive management. Motivational Speaker.
Paris, France

Trophées des femmes de l'Industrie - Lauréate de la Femme Internationale 2018. . Woman of the Industry - International woman prize - 2018. TED speaker : “Défier l’impossible, avoir le courage de questionner l’ordre établi.” I am a female pioneer in the Oil & Gas industry. I have progressed upward through managerial and executive positions in male-dominated industries in diverse international locations such as Angola, Indonesia, Romania and China. Simultaneously, I had 2 daughters who have now graduated from top universities. I’ve made it to where I am today by taking it one step at a time. Along the way, I challenged sexism and common misconceptions of females in the workplace, while working on my own lack of confidence. Over the last 30 years, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, reaching positions such as Director or VP. I have also held different management roles, from small teams to 12,000 people functions. I have created three functions that have become pillars of the Forbes 500 companies I worked for. I understand the hurdles young female engineers must overcome professionally and personally to succeed and I am passionate about guiding them to strive in all industries. I succeeded in this difficult environment because I am strong – but this should not be a prerequisite. Competency, talent and hard work should be the only criteria to make a difference. My website is here (English and French): You will find the book I wrote describing my life as a young female engineer working on an offshore rig, and what I learnt from this adventure. There are also articles that I write on the topic. Finally, I am now having a blog hosted by Usine Nouvelle here:


Conférence : 3000