Olivier Ezratty
Consultant et auteur
Speaker professionnel
Power speaker

30 years of experience in R&D, marketing and business development in the high-tech industry. Since 2005, consulting start-ups on their biz model and marketing strategies, consulting industry companies in the digital media space on product and business strategies, and teaching on the marketing of innovation in various Universities (Ecole Centrale Paris, Télécoms Paristech, HEC, Neoma, Epitech, etc). Specialties: Marketing strategy, Product Strategy, Ecosystem building, Intellectual Property, Software Business Models, Video/Photo/Sound consumer electronics, digital television. Author of the blog "Opinions Libres", http://www.oezratty.net, of the "Guide des startups " (startup guide), and "Le Rapport du CES de Las Vegas" every year since 2006. Amateur photographer and author of the project "Quelques femmes du numérique !", http://www.qfdn.net. Developer, author of the Photo-Folders Wordpress plugin. http://www.oezratty.net/photofolders.


Conférence : 4500