Raphaël Moutard
Software Engineer at Amazon - @Alexa
London, UK

Tech Lead with 8+ years of experience - specialized in machine learning. I have been working in Amazon for the past 4 years for Alexa. Our team is in charge of the shopping experience for new devices like Echo Show, or Echo Spot. As part of my responsibility I synchronize teams, train new hires and run technical interviews for the hiring process. I also mentor 4 engineers on technical skills and career growth. Before that, I have worked in a team in charge of a dedicated warehouse. We delivered efficient software and algorithms to ship flat items to our customers in a cost-effective way. I like working on challenging problems and cutting-edge technologies. I am a fast learner, and always looking forward to developing new skills. Reliable, accurate, curious, I like to teach and mentor.


Conférence : 3000
Table ronde : 1000

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