Publié mer. 12 oct.


Conférence : 2000



Emotional intelligence is a key skill for any manager, it helps you work better, be more resilient and keep your team united under any circumstance - but it does come with issues of its own. First of all, most of the content you find is either some superficial blog post or some unapproachable academic work - which leaves you with the problem of what to do in practice with that knowledge. I’ve faced this precise issue before, and spent months of research to develop a clear method for framing, working on and applying emotional intelligence skills - which I have also collected in a book I’ve published. So during this session I’d like to walk you through this battle-tested approach, enabling you not only to grasp the core processes and the practical effects at play, but also to start applying these inputs right off the bat. As a result, you’ll be seen by your team in a different light: someone able to lead, engage, keep everyone united and be the role model and guide they need.