Publié 03/10/18


Conférence : 3000



TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR PLANNING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES In today’s fast-paced world, business leaders and managers, more than ever, need well-informed foresight to gauge strategic responses. This talk explores the fundamentals of strategic foresight and how to create sustainable decisions in uncertain and rapidly changing contexts. It examines emerging global challenges, foresight methodologies, as well as when to apply specific tools and how to design purpose-driven processes. Participating in this talk, you will: • learn about different foresight methodologies, including their respective benefits and shortcomings; • identify barriers and drivers to the implementation of strategies based on foresight results; • gain insights into emerging global challenges; ABOUT THE SPEAKER Martin is a foresight, strategy and innovation consultant with expertise across various business sectors. He has held several roles, including change agent, consultant, facilitator, trainer and new business developer. Martin has worked on consulting assignments, organizational transformation projects and strategic initiatives, with a focus on combining foresight analysis and collaborative innovation approaches (foresight, insight, action). Involved in corporate and multi-stakeholder settings, he works with a range of partners, consultants, innovators and entrepreneurs as well as foresight practitioners around the globe. Martin graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and he is an alumni of Oxford Scenarios Programme. He is also also co-founder of YouMeo ( Organized as open innovation lab, YouMeO develops highly agile and collaborative working methods in order to support strategic innovation and transformation projects of all kinds (start-ups as well as internal innovation projects in large companies) by bringing together a diverse yet complementary set of stakeholders to effectively address its customer’s toughest challenges. YouMeO co-creates value in close collaboration with its clients, in a pragmatic and agile manner. Short cycles of work, a taste for experimentation, and the desire and ability to quickly provide practical solutions are our key assets which are becoming more and more important in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business context.