Publié mer. 12 oct.


Conférence : 2000



The science of creativity is a fascinating one. Having great ideas does not depend on the tools you use, your level of intelligence, your background or some sort of innate predisposition to it. Having great ideas depends only on two things: 1 - Knowing what processes to follow 2 - Knowing how to activate them Most importantly, 90% of the job is practicing it, which is why during this workshop we will do precisely that. You will leave the event with a thorough understanding of how creativity works in practice and how you can start applying it in your job. You will leave the event having learned: - The processes and the science underpinning creative thought. - What processes to activate to have the right ideas at the right time and how to do it. - How to enter a creative mode and how to enable others to develop the skills necessary to generate high-quality ideas. - In sum: how to confidently have the right ideas on command, regardless of the situation