Julien Carlier
Human to human is the only sustainable media. Not yet sure? Let's talk #H2H ;-)

Welcome here, thanks for reading this small description YES I am passionate about people. I love to exchange and always "trust first" and see the magic of meeting people happens. YES Digital & people are compatible. Digital is just including some new channels and humanisation of digital is your choice to let robots or not to take the lead as a human being. YES I talk about Collective Influence as one of the new revolution. Which includes the power of the crowd and the paradigm of co-creation of value for profit oriented or not organisations. But let's TALK about it! Social Dynamite in 2 min: http://dy-nam.it/2min TEDx "Remporter les batailles du digital": http://dy-nam.it/tedx


Conférence : 5000