publié mer. 12 juin


Conférence : 3000
Interview : 1000
Table ronde : 1000



Aviva Markowicz is presenting a keynote called "Woman's Leadership: How to overcome biases", developed with the support of the MBA Executive Program Manager at Yale University, and based on dozens of interviews with women entrepreneurs and women at all levels of the company, in France and in the United States. Several objectives at the end of this workshop: 1 / Put the issue of gender equality into perspective with a presentation of the latest studies on the subject and understand the main disparities that affect women in the workplace. 2 / Understand the mechanism of cognitive biases, how stereotypes affect a woman in her work as well as her relationship with clients, peers, and her employees. 3 / Share practical and immediately applicable advice, to overcome these barriers and allow women entrepreneurs to build impactful companies. We integrate 1 or 2 workshop (s) depending on the time, to practice and leave with a real coaching session.

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