Publié 08/04/20


Conférence : 3500
Conférence web : 2500



Until I was thirty I felt too small for everything. I am 1.40m tall, and I have a slight form of dwarfism. My size experienced like a monstrosity. And then I discovered the voice and I felt BIG. To dare to grow is to go beyond fear, our habits, our limiting beliefs, our disabilities. I am convinced that in each one of us lies a nugget that only needs to be revealed because the world needs it, yes the world needs you, us. That it is by reconnecting us with this nugget within us that we find the strength to grow in our personal and/or professional lives. Through my conference I would like to testify that we must never give up, that it is never too late and that it is up to us to go towards our own light. It is a question of courage, determination and love. For me it was the voice and today more than thirty years later I can say « I’m proud of my life because this is my life ».