Fanny Walter
Happiness reveal (Révélatrice de joie) - Speaker, coach, author, chief happiness officer, Iyengar yoga teacher
Marseille, France

My dream and my focus: to bring my part for more peace and love. You can feel the joy and have impact at the same time in your business, when you are in the flow. "They did not know it was impossible so they did it." Mark Twain To get trigger to innovate, make everything possible and reveal your happiness with more awareness for you as directors / managers / entrepreneurs / sportmen / ministers and your teams, bring more feminine energy in your management, I propose the following conferences influenced by my Indo-French approach: - Manage or succeed in the flow, The power of trust, intention and letting-go - How to simply innovate with what you have? Thanks to frugal innovation, more results with less energy - Win and perform your international deals thanks to intercultural intelligence, another way to build trust and manage through trust and self-fulfilment of everyone. It can be followed by workshops. I use coaching tools, NLP, Appreciative Investigation, MBTI tests, NVC (Non Violent Communication), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga, méditation, reiki, singing bowls ... I coach individuals / teams / organizations. As the environment is important to be out of the box for more innovation, I have different facilities: racing on sailing boats, flying in a flight simulator, walking around the old harbour of Marseille, in the country side of Provence in the South of France, in the mountain, in India, Africa, in Silicon Valley, via skype, or in your favorite place. I get my experience as sales manager in IT companies, 5 years in India (Jugaad innovation, yoga philosophy) and inspiration from my studies (engineer, executive MBA, Master Coach), lectures, experimentations, travelling. Author of the book "Oser communiquer Créer la confiance - Photographies d'Inde, réflexions interculturelles, exercices de coaching", translated in English in 2018 "Daring to communicate Building trust".


Conférence : 4000
Table ronde : 2000

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