Naully Nicolas
Consultant en Digital Transformation | Blockchain
Geneve, Switzerland

My addiction with the digital space began back in college (I won’t go into my age right now, heh) and I would spend hours in computer labs doing research using Mosaic, chatting on IRC and checking my email using Yahoo Mail. Ever since those first interactions with the web, I have been completely hooked. For more than a decade, I worked in IT for a number of world-class companies. From desktop support to web design to Digital Marketing, I’ve done it all, and through it have learned the ins and outs of software, hardware, and the digital marketing world. Now, I have combined my passions of travel, marketing and communications strategic marketing to work as a consultant and speaker. I work with travel brands, like Tourisme Alberta, Lonely Planet, Aman Resorts, Hotels & Residences, Helly Hansen, Tour Dust. I love to spend my time researching, analyzing and providing the world’s best and brightest companies with insights as to how digital transformation, disruption, innovation and the experience economy are impacting the travel industry. Bx Bringing together the technology layer with the human layer, I seek to solve the biggest challenges that companies have today; how to grow, scale, change and adapt to a world where technology and media shift at breakneck speed. I am excited by all new technologies, and of course the new opportunities they create. I am fascinated by developments such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robots and even the ‘softer’ aspects such as ‘21st-century skills’. Everyone, from students to startups and established companies, seems to have the same question: “What must we do in order to prepare for the future?” I enjoy helping them find the answer. Lastly, I’m passionate about baroque music and especially Jordi Savall and play a quite unusual instrument the viola da gamba.


Conférence : 3000
Interview : 2000
Table ronde : 1500