PPC đź’«
Chief Digital Evangelist / Youtuber / Bloggeur

Innovation & Marketing Sr Exec with broad experience in all aspects of Innovation, digital transformation, marketing, market penetration strategies, product launching, CRM, Social Media and brand management. Strong and proven expertise with Innovation and Digital, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Apps design thanks to successful and proven experiences. As a creative, one of my driver is to participate actively in early-stage of innovative project using new medias and new technologies. Area of expertise : Management of innovation, Digital Transformation, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing, Sales Promotion , CRM, Direct Marketing , Product Design , Branding and identity , Product Launching , Advertising , Websites management, Web 2.0 expert, Mobile -------------------------------- Hobbies : French top influencer on livestreaming with more than 30,000 followers http://periscope.tv/ppc French High Tech Top 50 bloggers http://twitter.com/ppc http://pierre-philippe.blogspot.com http://boardnumerique.fr http://medium.com/@ppc Creator of "Les Vidéos du Succès" : 13 millions views on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/videopeps Co-founder of WeScopeTV, 1st french TV channel on Periscope and Facebook Live with more than 15 shows in France 🇫🇷, Quebec 🇨🇦 and Switzerland 🇨🇭 http://periscope.tv/WeScopeTV Author of "500 conseils pour réussir sa vie professionnelle et personnelle" http://www.amazon.fr/500-conseils-pour-r%C3%A9ussir-perso/dp/2918866016 Creator of #SlashGen


Conférence : 3000 €
Table ronde : 1000 €