Publié 03/06/19


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How well do you get along in your workplace? How well do you perform, lead, sell or cooperate? What are the tree superpowers of communication that all employees should master? There is a clear correlation between communication, work engagement and performance, and you are about to discover how. Antoni Lacinai is one of Sweden’s top communication experts and public speakers. With his 20 Principles of Human Communication, he improves peoples’ communication skills when they they lead, sell and cooperate. His style is to deliver with energy, empathy and clarity. You will never walk away from his lectures or training sessions without concrete tips on how to be a better communicator. He has also talked at a TEDx Antoni is also an author and co-author of 11 books on communication. Added to this, he is also regarded as one of Sweden’s best moderators. Before his independent career as a speaker, trainer etc. Antoni worked in the IT- and telecom industry at various leading positions, with sales and marketing, since 1990.

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